Kendriya Vidyalaya Mandla
केन्द्रीय विद्यालय मण्डला
Kendriya Vidyalaya Mandla
CBSE Affiliation No. 1000077
Message of Honourable Commissioner Sir - "My Dear Students, wishing BEST OF LUCK for the examination. May ur efforts bear great SUCCESS and bring laurels to u n parents/teachers. Santosh Kumar Mall, Commissioner KVS." On 22 feb 2017 thinking day was celebrated in the vidyalaya. A workshop on Rajbhasha was organized in the vidyalaya to promote the administrative work in hindi. farewell party was organized by class XI Students for class XII on 16-Feb-2017. A PTA Meeting organized in the Vidyalaya on 18-Feb-2017 A farewell party on 16-feb-2017 was organised by class XI students for all students of class XII Integrity Pledge for public participation in eradicating corruption has been taken by the students and the staff of the vidyalaya on 10-Feb-2017. Honourable Dr. E.T. Arasu, Deputy Commissioner, KVS RO, Jabalpur inspected K V MANDLA on 01-Feb-2017. Respected Sh. G. P. Chauhan, Assistant Commissioner, KVS RO, Jabalpur and Mr. A. S. Thakur, Principal K.V.GCF No. 1, Jabalpur accompanied during inspection.
From 17-Dec-2016 to 22-Dec-2016 Mathematics Week was Celebrated in the Vidyalaya.
Published on 22nd December 2016

World Aids Day celebrated in the Vidyalaya
Published on 6th December 2016

On 29 - Nov - 2016 School level Science Exhibition has organized
Published on 30th November 2016

CMP News Letter
Published on 28th November 2016

On 23 nov 2016 grand-Parents day has celebrated in the Vidyalaya.
Published on 23rd November 2016

On 18 Nov 2016 Fancy Dress Competition has organized for primary classes.
Published on 19th November 2016

On 15 Nov 2016 K V MANDLA has inspected by Honourable Assistant Commissioner, KVS RO, Jabalpur Region Madam Shahida Parveen with her Inspecting Team members Mr. P. K. Beduye, Pricnipal K V COD, Mr Kurweti, Principal K V Garha, Mr. Pathak, Vice Principal K V OFKhamaria, Jabalpur and Madam Nishima, HM, KV GCFNo.2, Jabalpur
Published on 14th November 2016

Vigilance and Awareness prayer has taken by the students and staff of K V MANDLA
Published on 5th November 2016

On 11 November National Education Day has celebrated in the Vidyalya
Published on 13th November 2016

Prasansha Mishra of class XI has been selected in Intra regional National Children Science Congress 2016 held at KV NO 1 GCF Jabalpur.
Published on 3rd November 2016
Team Leader - Prasansha Mishra
Team Members - Isha Das
Palak Chouksey
Kratika Dubey
Muskan Bani

Achievements of KV Mandla students in Regional Sports Meet 2016
Published on 20th September 2016

Student and Staff member of the vidyalaya were celebrated Hindi Pakwara from 14 Septempber 2016.
Published on 14th September 2016

Sanskrit Week was celebrated in the Vidyalaya.
Published on 23rd August 2016

On 31-July-2016 PTA Meeting had been organised for classes 9,10,11 and 12
Published on 31st July 2016

Investiture ceremony has been organised on 26-July-2016.
Published on 26th July 2016

Annual Sports Result 2015 2016
Published on 6th February 2016

Report on Swachh Bharat Mission in K V MANDLA
Published on 15th December 2015